I like upcycling, repurposing and crafting with my kids

Crackers about Christmas!

One of our exciting Advent challenges (otherwise known as keeping the kids busy!) was to create some Christmas crackers. I always find the shop bought ones a let down so this seemed a good opportunity to let the children get creative!

We reused kitchen roll tubes cut in half and wrapped them in tissue paper, with stickers and little knick-knacks inside. OK the adults will probably still groan, and they don’t snap, but I think they are so much prettier than the mass produced versions and the children have the added satisfaction of everyone’s admiring looks! Plus noone has to wear an oversized paper hat now….

They let rip with stickers and foil bows and I held back from telling them about colours etc (must let the little ones express themselves!)

As you can see from the state of my kitchen table it was not a tidy job but I think the results look stunning.




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