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Repurposing old clothes: the Rag Rug

This is the beginning of the massive project which is creating a rag rug for our bedroom. It’s massive because I wanted a really big rug!! It’s great fun to do though and so easy, all you need is:

1. Hessian/sacking type fabric (I got mine online really cheap from Amazon)
2. A rag rugger tool (also bought online, hard to find in shops)
3. A cutting mat & rotary cutter (optional – although the alternative is serious scissorhands syndrome)
3. Loads of fabric

I wanted to make the rug entirely from old clothes and fabric, repurposing some old favourites amongst the children’s clothes which for various reasons I couldn’t hand on, but it just won’t be enough. The next thought was to upcycle charity shop clothes but that works out quite expensive and not always the most efficient use of material, so in the end we just bought some!

Making a rag rug step 1

The first little rag is added to the rug!

Here is the first modest little rag being added to the rug, a piece of my daughter’s blouse, now outgrown. This is just one of 4 equal sized sections as it would be too big to work with otherwise, and for a time consuming task like this one I want to be able to sit in a comfortable chair! The task of slicing up the fabric has mostly been delegated to the Husband as that’s the back-breaking part…

More updates on progress to follow soon 🙂


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One thought on “Repurposing old clothes: the Rag Rug

  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished article. 🙂


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