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Garage Hanging Storage Ideas

A happy discovery in the garage! My husband has been having a clear out and tidy up (about 6 years overdue!) and I peeped in to see how it was progressing. Check out this clever hanging storage

Garage storage using cot base and wardrobe hanging storage

Wardrobe/closet hanging storage and cot base have been reused to create clever hanging storage in the garage

1. a canvas hanging organiser for clothes/shoes which we never used in the house as we have limited wardrobe space

2. the base of our old baby cot, hung with S hooks from a metal beam and now a brilliant way to store gardening and garage bits that would otherwise clutter up floor space.

Turns out we have a Shabby He in our midst too – all this upcycling and repurposing is rubbing off on everyone in the house :O)

Upcycling a cot base as garage storage

Cot base is hung from S hooks and used to store hanging tools


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