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Shabby Teddy: Upcycling Clothes

Sometimes it’s really hard to part with little items of clothing that the children have outgrown, especially girls’ clothes which are so cute. I really loved my daughter’s stripy jumper but she was starting to moan when I yanked it over her head so it was time to move on to jumpers new (I would love to say t-shirts but Summer can’t be relied upon sadly!) I didn’t want to donate the jumper so I decided to make a soft toy with it instead.

Meet the newest member of the Shabby Family –Stripy. My daughter named him I hasten to add!

Jumper repurposed into a soft toy

Much-loved item of clothing is now even more loved as a boggle-eyed Shabby Teddy!

I just drew a picture of a teddy on some paper and pinned it to the jumper (turned inside out) before cutting it roughly and sewing the two halves together on the sewing machine. Then I turned it right side out, stuffed it and hand-stitched the gap. The eyes are black buttons on larger white ones – I have decided it’s charming to have odd-sized eyes, as I couldn’t match the buttons – and a pink button for the nose. The ribbon at the neck served to finish the look off and also give a bit more shape to the head as it all turned out a bit wider and shabbier than I anticipated.

But my little one loves him, and that’s what counts…♥


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5 thoughts on “Shabby Teddy: Upcycling Clothes

  1. Too cute 🙂


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