I like upcycling, repurposing and crafting with my kids

Heart-shaped Patch made from Repurposed Shirt

These cute little leggings had worn right through on the knee with some over-zealous running & falling by my daughter. As they are her favourites I decided to patch them, and happily my husband’s equally worn shirt was just the right fabric for a cute knee patch.

Leggings showing heart-shaped repurposed shirt patch

Leggings patched on the knee with a cute heart shape, made from Daddy’s old shirt

Girls' leggings patched with repurposed man's shirt

A very simple running stitch and raw edges give the patch some Shabby charm

My daughter loves them even more now – a simple, shabby mend using recycled stuff. Just how we like it 🙂


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One thought on “Heart-shaped Patch made from Repurposed Shirt

  1. I like recycling too!!! Nice pants 🙂


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