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Recycled Clothing Rag Rug: Done!

Phew that was a bit of a time-consuming task but really enjoyable and now my rag rug is finished I can enjoy its soft fluffy loveliness underfoot.

Recycled clothing rag rug

Completed rag rug, made mostly from fabric scraps using a rag rugger tool & hessian

I had originally planned to make a huge rug but I have learnt that there is too much fabric and too many hours involved in a modest-sized one – this one is like a large bathmat basically – as demonstrated by my four-year-old…
Rag rug showing proportions

The new rug gets the seal of approval from my daughter!

It would probably be quicker to make a woven rag rug but I liked using up little scraps and small clothes my children wore when they were babies. It’s a piece of family history now as well as a pretty and practical home item which is about 50% recycled 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Recycled Clothing Rag Rug: Done!

  1. Lovely!!! I have always loved this type of rug 🙂


  2. Looks so comfy, love your blogs


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