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Sewing from an actual pattern…the Messenger Bag

I took an important step recently in my new sewing obsession: away from cobbling stuff together using an idea in my head – remember these?

to using a tutorial, with proper measurements and a pattern to work from!

In the Shabby Spirit of recycling, I borrowed a free pattern from this lovely lady over at mmmcrafts. There are lots of great (free!) tutorials online but I liked this one best as a complete beginner.

Here is the result, my first ever messenger bag – a gift for my mum’s birthday.

I have to say despite the flaws I’m well aware of, I’m really pleased with how it turned out. It wasn’t that hard, especially with a great step-by-step guide, and it is so satisfying creating something gorgeous!

The pattern called for a yard of each fabric and was in inches. I stuck to inches for ease but bought a metre of each (being a Brit!) so had plenty left over for lovely fabric scrap projects (post to follow soon on this), including this sweet tissue holder which made a nice addition to the gift.

Easy quick sew gift

Tissue holder using fabric scraps

This was another Pinterest find – click on the image for the pin & website.

I’m looking forward to making another messenger bag and tissue pocket for myself next…! x


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