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Mixed Media Decorated Eggs – Fun Easter Craft for Kids

Painted egg kids craft

Blown egg decorated with acrylic paints

We’ve been playing with various materials and techniques to make some fun decorated eggs for Easter.

First we blew an egg and decorated it with acrylic paint. There are lots of good tutorials on how to blow an egg – my favourite is at the excellent Red Ted Art. Obviously I did this part as it’s quite tricky, plus I’m too much of a control freak!

blown egg before painting

Blown egg mounted on a cocktail stick and play doh

I put the blown egg on a cocktail stick and used some play doh to stand it up (homemade, naturally – see my previous post about Homemade Play Doh). It kept swivelling round on the stick as she painted it but this added to the swirly effect. My daughter loved painting with acrylic paint as she was allowed to daub the paint all over and mix it up.

Decorating egg with acrylic paint

My 4 year old painting her egg with acrylics

Look at the focus on that face. This is Serious Fun!

Next we hard-boiled some eggs and I allowed the kids to choose their own media for decoration. They had all sorts of sequins, stickers, paints, glue, scissors, ribbons and pens at their disposal, but both went for the trusty old felt tip pen! The googly eyes were a hit though – they both decided to make Egg Heads…

I ended up using my hot-glue gun to glue everything firmly in place once they had finished their designs as PVA glue doesn’t stand up to the job. So the children got to do their eggs how they wanted and I still got to play with my glue gun – everyone was happy!

Which is your favourite? x


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One thought on “Mixed Media Decorated Eggs – Fun Easter Craft for Kids

  1. Cute!! My favorite is the middle one a Picasso 🙂


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