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Hanging Pockets – CD Wallet and Cardboard Box Upcycle

Fancy a 30 minute craft which will help solving storage and organisational problems and can make a pretty gift…?

I was clearing out the horror that is our kitchen drawers recently, and wondering how to we can keep all the many flashcards I’ve made to help the children with their reading & spellings, when inspiration struck – in the form of the modest CD wallet!

I would make hanging storage for the flashcards, reusing the CD wallets as pockets!

Upcycled hanging pockets

Materials assembled ready for upcycling

I gathered my supplies:-

  • hot glue gun
  • flat cardboard (so glad I kept that huge box!)
  • plastic CD wallets
  • ribbon for hanging
  • self adhesive decorative vinyl film
  • flashcards (homemade obviously)

In true ShabbyShe style, everything – apart from the glue gun and self adhesive paper – is recycled or repurposed (including the lovely green ribbon – I love green & hot pink together).

It was just a case of working out how tall and wide I wanted it – I used the CD wallet pockets as a guide for this step – and covering the card with the decorative vinyl.

Next I glued the “pockets” on with glue dots (LOVE these, they’re so quick & versatile!) and punched the top edge with an office paper holepunch for the ribbon.

Hanging pockets - ribbon attachment

Add holes for the ribbon using a holepunch

I hot-glued the vinyl paper edges onto the back of the hanging storage to make sure it would stay put, and did the same to the top pocket for good measure. Then I tied on the ribbon and hung the thing up to assess my work…

Quick craft project - hanging storage

Easy-pleasy quick craft project – hanging storage pockets

Yes – I was pleased with the result, although the ribbon was slightly too long (picky I know!)

Here it is, the finished product including the all-important flashcards (and slightly shortened ribbon) – this also solves the small problem of my lovely Bonjour coat hooks which can only hold lightweight coats 🙂

DIY hanging pockets upcycle

Finished hanging storage pockets, complete with flashcards

Hopefully this will encourage us to use their flashcards more now too!


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  1. stephaniecesario on said:

    nice idea!


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