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WIPs – Denim and more Denim

This week I have been mainly trying to complete a couple of WIPs (works in progress) without getting distracted by the fantastic crafts I’ve seen on some of the blogs I follow! Ideas like The Renegade Seamstress’s beautiful sweater boots which are so tempting with the cold snap we’ve been experiencing recently in south east England, or trying free machine quilting as demonstrated so cleverly by Sewchet.

However, I recently started wading through my ex-denim jeans stash to make up some more denim pocket purses and I really want to get something finished!

Firstly this cute mini pocket which belonged to my daughter’s age 3-4 jeans.

Denim pocket upcycle with scrap fabric flower

The flower was an experiment with a new method for making scrap fabric flowers: using a circle of fabric, I sewed a running stitch around the perimeter then pulled it as you would a drawstring bag and knotted the ends. Then I pressed it flat and it made this lovely effect – almost like a pinwheel I think! The button already had a nice bright cover which complements the fabric.

Not exactly finished, but on its way!

I had more success with this denim purse, which I have Actually Finished!!

Purse made from upcycled clothing

The slowest part of making these mini bags is hand sewing the fabric patch onto the back, as it involves stitching through a layer of denim and the fabric itself using tiny stitches to keep them as invisible as possible. I can’t wait until we have the long, sun-filled evenings of summer to work by, instead of squinting in the gloom at tiny stitches …

Fabric flower using recycled clothing

I used the same upcycled fabric on the front of the purse to make a little flower – this one uses the hem of the original t-shirt and stitched it into a coiled flower shape. I was rather pleased with the effect.

A thin ribbon strap was the last piece of the jigsaw and the denim pocket purse is complete. Hurrah!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So one WIP now complete, one still ongoing – but whoops! – my friend gave me some jeans of hers and I accidentally started a new project involving an apron and some ruffles. Eek! More on this soon…! x


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11 thoughts on “WIPs – Denim and more Denim

  1. denim is always in style, nice work 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday, that top cute flower is what we americans call a yo-yo….always loved the coverlets that are made by sewing them together, and still have dreams of doing some myself someday!


  3. I really admire your sewing skills. Your denim purse is lovely, especially with the embellishment of the flower 🙂


  4. Well done on your flowers, I love fabric flowers and a yo yo quilt would be great fun


  5. What a great way to use unloved denim. You could use invisible thread if you’re concerned about them being seen but it can be tricky to sew with. Thanks for joining up with my first Handmade Monday

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Vicky 🙂 I have thought about using invisible thread but you’re right it is a bit fiddly. I think I just need to renew my needles more often – probably a bit blunt by now! x


  6. I love recycling denim, your little purses are brilliant 🙂
    Jan x


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