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Jeans Upcycle – Cute girl’s apron

I’m feeling very pleased to have finished another recycled denim jeans project this week – I’m on a roll now!

As I mentioned in my last post, my friend gave me two pairs of jeans she no longer had use for, knowing my obsession with repurposing clothes! At the same time, my niece (a budding seamstress herself) sent me this video link to a great re-use for jeans – cutting the backside and waistband off to make a garden apron.

The video tutorial shows you how in seconds you can create a little garden apron from your jeans. I immediately took the shears to my friend’s old jeans and reproduced the apron, but decided to “girlify” it a bit by adding a little ruffle.

Apron made from old jeans with added ruffle

Rather cuter now I felt – but probably more of an “indoors” apron that a gardening one. In which case, it needed a bit more work. You’ll notice the cut at the side seams left a rather frayed raw edge that needed some attention.

Cut edge of denim jeans for making an apron

Hmm, that edge won’t do at all…

So I added some binding with a pretty fabric to contrast the ruffle fabric. Then I had a dilemma – should I top-stitch from the front of the binding, to neaten it up, or should I go for a cleaner look?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve no doubt everyone has their own view; I put it to both my sewing circle and Twitter friends (I take part in the excellent #makedoandmendhour on Twitter on Thursdays 8-9pm UK time). Needless to say opinion was fairly evenly divided. In the end, my horror of unpicking stitching led me to conclude it was better with! 😀

A bit more ruffling (who doesn’t love a good ruffle??)

Denim apron with double ruffle

and one of my favourite fabric flowers later…

Fabric flower with button centre

and I’m pretty happy with the result!

Jeans apron with ruffles and flower



Now you can all tell me off for stitching over my binding – I can take it 😉 x


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17 thoughts on “Jeans Upcycle – Cute girl’s apron

  1. What a fantastic idea. I have made an old pair of jeans into a skirt before.


  2. Such a clever way to use old jeans!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A great way to make to and reuse, so pretty


  4. What a great way to upcycle the jeans. I love little aprons and the pockets are so handy – I might have to make one for my next craft fair to keep my bits and pieces in.


    • Haha Vicky, I was thinking the same! These are my friend’s size 6 (UK size) so a bit “snug” on me – I’m going to try making some waist-adjustable by using a bigger pair of jeans and adding more rivet buttons.


  5. This is so sweet! That flower is the perfect finishing touch.


  6. I love old jeans, there are so many ways to reuse them, this is so cute, a great way to recycle the jeans. I love the side edging and the ruffle 🙂
    Jan x


  7. I love the double row of frill – really nice:)


  8. You are right – too pretty to be used in the garden. A great refashion!!!


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