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Hello April – News Blackout is over!

Is this what Being An Adult feels like? I’ve just upgraded my website to (no more clunky .wordpress. gubbins). I’m feeling very Official now!

The prolonged News Blackout for most of March is at an end, as I was focussing my efforts on producing some items for a new local craft market and my Etsy shop. Now the craft fair is done I can breathe a sigh of relief, and maybe even start making some bits for myself & my family again! I had rather limited sales at the market despite it being well-attended – possibly March / Easter is more a time to browse for pleasure rather than buy. I’m hoping to do more markets and fairs around Christmas and put my efforts for now into online sales and updating my blog (my first love!)

On the Easter theme, I made some cute egg cosies to keep the world’s best breakfast warm on these cold Spring mornings…

Basket of egg cosies made from felt

The Happy Easter cosies are for my children – they begged me for these and I promised they could have them if they didn’t sell on Saturday 😀

I can’t decide which is my favourite – I like the cute chicks but I’m also really pleased with how this bunting design turned out – these were literally tiny scraps of fabric. This is why it’s so hard to part with even small off-cuts!

Felt egg cosy with scrap fabric bunting

I also added my new-style shoulder bag totes to my Etsy shop. I’m really pleased with this design, I think the ribbon trim sets off the colour nicely, don’t you?

Shoulder bag totes from upcycled juice pouches

Happy Easter everyone, see you soon! x


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10 thoughts on “Hello April – News Blackout is over!

  1. Adorable! Thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!


  2. Sweet little egg cosies! I went with the “.com” thing from the start as I also think it looks much more professional:)


  3. In a way I hope they didn’t sell so your children got to use them, but its also great if they did because it means others love them too. I love the way the ribbon trim accentuates the colours of the caprisun bags.


    • Thanks Vicky – the children are using them now so they’re happy! Thanks for your lovely comments & for hosting Handmade Monday x


  4. I love the cute little chicks too. Glad your children are using them. I too changed to the .com early on as the other address was soooo long


  5. They are too cute for words. Just shown my daughter who is 5 and she loves them.


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