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I made a skirt!

I achieved something this summer I’ve never done before: I made a skirt, which actually fits!

It all started with this lovely yellow cotton a-line skirt from SeaSalt. I love the fit and the fabric, and it’s the perfect length and weight to wear on a warm summer’s day just about anyway – work, home or play!

drafting a pattern using existing skirt

The problem is shop-bought quality clothes don’t come cheap. And anyway I can sew, so why not copy the shape and make my own? Encouraged by my (far superior seamstress) friend, I decided to simply lay it over my chosen fabric and draw around, allowing for some seams when cutting out.

Don’t you just love this cute fabric? It’s little patterned birds in pinks, oranges, yellows, blues and greens.

pretty bird print fabric being ironed - making a skirt

I chose it in part because I thought it would be fun to make a matching skirt for my daughter (she’s 6, so yes it would be cute – although a friend pointed out she will hate me later when she sees the pictures! Let’s hope not!)

I’ll be making her a more simplified version soon, probably with an elasticated waist as, let’s face it, kids outgrow their clothes so quickly!

I don’t have step by step photos sadly as I was in a hurry to get on and do it, but I would say it was fairly easy apart from inserting the zip (which I found tricky as I attached it to the lining at the same time) and making the yoked waistband was a challenge as I had to partly “guess” the shape in places as I couldn’t draw round it all in one go.

I got to use some sewing machine accessories I’ve never used before: there’s a brilliant button foot which you can use to do the buttonholes, and I even used the machine to sew the buttons themselves on!

repurposed wooden buttons used on newly handmade skirt

Admittedly, the buttons are the only repurposed items in this make – they were from a lovely dress which was too small for my daughter. They look great but sewing bods amongst you will notice they are very close to the edge of the fabric and therefore pull out a bit when it’s worn. Hey ho! It’s still a great fit and I have decided the imperfections make it more special 😉 (Let’s not even go there with the bumpy seam when inserting the zip…!)

Cotton a line skirt with bird print fabric

Here I am wearing said skirt for the first time (excuse “Shabby chic” flooring – the bedroom, much like most of our house, is a work in progress!!)

I’m thrilled with my first proper wearable make (if you don’t count numerous slightly botched refashions in my youth!!)

handmade cotton skirt with yoked waistband

Now for some good weather please, it’s torrential rain here today! x


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