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Cupcake Case Crafts

You can’t beat a bit of fun craft with leftover bits! We had a purple cupcake case which we’d saved to make something with. Even my children love a bit of repurposing – I have trained them well 🙂

Making something girly with my girl was easy, as we had these large pink cases in the cupboard and she loves all things pink. The smaller purple case was a bonus find in a pack of shop-bought cakes – one of the cakes was double-cased so this one had no greasy residue, perfect for reusing!

Flower made from repurposed cupcake cases

Double cupcake case flower

We used plastic straws for the flower stem and the robot’s eye stalks. The “leaves” are those sort of fuzzy pipe cleaner things you get in ready-to-assemble craft kits for kids. My daughter decorated the flower pot at her childminder’s so it was ideal for this craft project. We stuck some air-drying clay in the pot and jammed the straw into it.

Robot with cupcake case eyes

Cupcake case eyed robot

Obviously we had to be a bit more imaginative for my son’s project as most cupcake case craft ideas we found online were a bit girly. I made some eyes with plain white cupcake cases and stuck them on straws to give him some ideas. He got straight to work making a robot body with a cereal box. He finished it and taped the straws on the back without any help from me.

I love it when they let their creativity have free reign and something recognisable and quite good comes out of it!!


Handprint Christmas Garland

Is there any cuter Christmas keepsake than a craft made from your children’s handprints? I saw this pretty Christmas garland on Pinterest and had to make one! See for a far less shabby version 😉

Handprint Christmas garland

Christmas Garland made from children’s handprints

It couldn’t be easier, just draw round the little ones’ hands onto green card. I cheated and traced around the original handprint to save making them sit perfectly still while I drew around their hands several times over! One thing I always try to do when involving the kiddies in craft is to keep it fairly short, before boredom and chaos kick in!

Crackers about Christmas!

One of our exciting Advent challenges (otherwise known as keeping the kids busy!) was to create some Christmas crackers. I always find the shop bought ones a let down so this seemed a good opportunity to let the children get creative!

We reused kitchen roll tubes cut in half and wrapped them in tissue paper, with stickers and little knick-knacks inside. OK the adults will probably still groan, and they don’t snap, but I think they are so much prettier than the mass produced versions and the children have the added satisfaction of everyone’s admiring looks! Plus noone has to wear an oversized paper hat now….

They let rip with stickers and foil bows and I held back from telling them about colours etc (must let the little ones express themselves!)

As you can see from the state of my kitchen table it was not a tidy job but I think the results look stunning.



Home made play doh

Home made play doh

We made our own Play Doh using this brilliant recipe and adding food colouring and lots of glitter. A fun messy activity with the kids!

Click on the picture for the recipe (made on the hob) at

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