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Heart-shaped Patch made from Repurposed Shirt

These cute little leggings had worn right through on the knee with some over-zealous running & falling by my daughter. As they are her favourites I decided to patch them, and happily my husband’s equally worn shirt was just the right fabric for a cute knee patch.

Leggings showing heart-shaped repurposed shirt patch

Leggings patched on the knee with a cute heart shape, made from Daddy’s old shirt

Girls' leggings patched with repurposed man's shirt

A very simple running stitch and raw edges give the patch some Shabby charm

My daughter loves them even more now – a simple, shabby mend using recycled stuff. Just how we like it 🙂


Repurposed Pillow Covers

It’s Christmas and inevitably if you’re hosting like me you will be reaching for the guest bedding to make up the beds for your impending family visits. That’s when it dawns on you that your pillows are shabby, and not in a good way! By the way, we’re talking pillows on your bed here, American friends, not cushions on your settee 😉

Two of my pet peeves when making the bed are a) using flat sheets (grrr) and b) pillows that are losing their stuffing. Problem solved with my repurposed pillow covers, here’s how:-

1. Take a flat sheet (single bed sized) and fold in half length ways
2. Machine stitch along the folded edge to the end

Machine stitching the seam

Stitch along the folded edge of the sheet

3. Place your seen-better-days pillow inside the top of the stitched sheet (the width is perfect for a standard size pillow)
4. Mark with a pin, fabric chalk or snip of the scissors where you need to cut
5. Remove pillow, cut sheet to size and machine along the top edge
6. Turn inside out, insert the pillow and fold the top edge inside neatly, pinning in place

Fold raw edges inside and pin

7. Machine along the final edge (this is a bit awkward as the pillow and pins get in the way a bit, but I’m sure you can do this much better than me!)

Repurposed pillow cover from bedsheet

The finished article – like a brand new pillow!

Now I just need to find a solution to pins, which I always end up jabbing myself with when sewing!

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