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Christmas Fayre time again!

Hello Blogiverse!

Can you believe we are nearly in December already, and it’s Christmas Fayre season?

I’m going to be at Portesbery School’s Christmas Fayre next Sunday 2nd December from 12pm – 3pm. Do come along if you are local, it’s a lovely event and there are loads of fun activities for children, plus a superb raffle and tombola for big kids ๐Ÿ˜‰

Flyer about Portesbery School's fayre

Portesbery School’s Christmas Fayre 2018

See directions to Portesbery School here…

Here are some of my Christmassy creations! I really enjoyed making these hoops using upcycled pieces, including denim, ribbons, jute twine and buttons. The little Stop signs are recycled from my children’s long-abandoned train set!

Upcycled fabric hoops

New upcycled Christmas hoops


And it wouldn’t be a ShabbyShe stall without my classic favourites – all made from repurposed juice pouches!


Bags and pencil cases made from Capri Sun packs

My Capri Sun upcycles


Find your sparkle!


custom order blank - sparkly bag

I’ve been making a few blingy pieces recently which have proved very popular in my Etsy shop!

My Capri Sun lunchbags got a girly update with some hot pink handles, mauve zips and gorgeous sparkly glitter tape. You can’t beat a bit of spangly bling to cheer your day ๐Ÿ™‚

Sparkly pink lunch bag made from Capri Sun juice pouches - by ShabbySheUK


Once I got hold of the glitter tape there was no stopping me, and I’ve made cosmetics pouches, pencil cases and phone sleeves with sparkly bits!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Or how about this latest phone case, made for a lucky young lady getting her first iPhone this birthday! Her mum asked if I could add some glittery touches and I was only too happy to oblige โค



I find ribbon a very versatile medium too and love using it to add a decorative trim to lunch bags, pencil pouches and phone sleeves. This beautiful magenta ribbon has a lovely sheen with reflects light so nicely and pretties up this make up bag.

Make up pouch made from upcycled Capri Suns and shiny ribbon

I hope you’re all having a sparkle-tastic week too! x


Back to School Craft: Pencil cases and more!

Some more fun makes using one of my favourite materials – juice pouches!

Juice pouch upcycles by ShabbyShe

Clockwise from top left: Apple flavour mobile phone sleeve; small pencil case; shoulder bag with red straps; Tropical & Orange pencil case; Autumn fruits pencil case with red zip; Safari Animals juice pouch pencil case; Orange Fruit Splash mobile case; Sun Shots & Capri Sun pencil pouch with yellow zip.

I love using these foil juice drink packs for several reasons:-

  1. It’s saving them from going into landfill – sadly, Capri Sun pouches are not currently recyclable and as they contain both foil and plastic will take a long time to degrade
  2. They are brightly coloured and fun, appealing to adults and kids alike. I find it’s always a talking point when I use my juice pouch lunch bag!
  3. They are great fun to work with as a material as they are already cut to a standard size (at least most brands are, more on that in a moment) but also they can easily be cut and manipulated to use for other purposes.

The only down side to using them is firstly sourcing them (as I don’t allow my children to drink these kinds of drinks every day) and secondly the cleaning and preparation before use. They are easyย enough to slit open and clean but take an age to dry. That’s the only tedious part of the process! As for sourcing them, I have a great supply at the school where I work with a couple of dedicated dinner ladies who get the children to collect up used packs during the lunch break ๐Ÿ™‚

These pencil cases are a fun Back to School item, I really enjoy making these and they’re a popular item in my shop

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I even made one which is four juice pouches wide (so 8 in total) for a friend’s son, who wanted to fit his 30cm ruler inside. I will definitely be making more of those!

These Fruit Splash mobile phone sleeves are a new adventure in juice pouch upcycling! At first I was a bit miffed that they are bigger than the standard sized Capri Sun et al packs and therefore I couldn’t use them with other brands. However, I realised they are virtually the same exact size as myย feltย mobile phone sleeves. So I lined them with soft felt, added some velcro and hey presto, mobile phone cases made from juice pouches ๐Ÿ˜€

bag made from upcycled foil juice packs

Finally, I got around to completing a shoulder bag – a bit of a longer task, but very satisfying when I see it all come together. My other tote bags sold a while ago and I kept meaning to make more but life got in the way! I’ve also stitched the front and back for another tote bag, this one featuring Orange and Tropical juices with a yellow strap.

Can you tell it’s the Summer Holidays and I’m not at work..? ๐Ÿ˜‰


Flash Sale – Grab a bargain!

juice pouch pencil case

Special offer – 20% discount for my social media followers now until Sunday 28th June! Lots of fun gifts for Dads, teachers & kids ๐Ÿ™‚

Click here or on the picture to visitย my Etsy shop ๐Ÿ™‚

Hanging Pockets – CD Wallet and Cardboard Box Upcycle

Fancy a 30 minute craft which will help solving storage and organisational problems and can make a pretty gift…?

I was clearing out the horror that is our kitchen drawers recently, and wondering how to we can keep all the many flashcards I’ve made to help the children with their reading & spellings, when inspiration struck – in the form of the modest CD wallet!

I would make hanging storage for the flashcards, reusing the CD wallets as pockets!

Upcycled hanging pockets

Materials assembled ready for upcycling

I gathered my supplies:-

  • hot glue gun
  • flat cardboard (so glad I kept that huge box!)
  • plastic CD wallets
  • ribbon for hanging
  • self adhesive decorative vinyl film
  • flashcards (homemade obviously)

In true ShabbyShe style, everything – apart from the glue gun and self adhesive paper – is recycled or repurposed (including the lovely green ribbon – I love green & hot pink together).

It was just a case of working out how tall and wide I wanted it – I used the CD wallet pockets as a guide for this step – and covering the card with the decorative vinyl.

Next I glued the “pockets” on with glue dots (LOVE these, they’re so quick & versatile!) and punched the top edge with an office paper holepunch for the ribbon.

Hanging pockets - ribbon attachment

Add holes for the ribbon using a holepunch

I hot-glued the vinyl paper edges onto the back of the hanging storage to make sure it would stay put, and did the same to the top pocket for good measure. Then I tied on the ribbon and hung the thing up to assess my work…

Quick craft project - hanging storage

Easy-pleasy quick craft project – hanging storage pockets

Yes – I was pleased with the result, although the ribbon was slightly too long (picky I know!)

Here it is, the finished product including the all-important flashcards (and slightly shortened ribbon) – this also solves the small problem of my lovely Bonjour coat hooks which can only hold lightweight coats ๐Ÿ™‚

DIY hanging pockets upcycle

Finished hanging storage pockets, complete with flashcards

Hopefully this will encourage us to use their flashcards more now too!

Easter Egg Hunt (without chocolate!)

Upcycled greetings cards into game

Fun Easter Egg hunt game using upcycled birthday cards!

This is a fun game you can play with the kids over Easter – an Easter Egg hunt without the chocolates!

I took some of the children’s birthday cards and used the back of one to draw an oval to use as the template.

I then chose some brightly coloured cards and traced the egg shape onto them (checking there was no text or other markings on the back).

Recycling birthday cards for an Easter game

Choose cards with lots of bright colours and details to make effective looking Easter Eggs

I then created two larger egg shapes for them to use as answer cards as they went round hunting for the little eggs.

Recycled card for Easter game

Numbered lines on the answer card “eggs” for the mystery word

On the back of the little eggs they found a number and a letter, which they had to write on the corresponding numbered line on their answer card eggs.

Recycled cards as Easter egg game

Eggs have numbers and letters for the children to find and decode the Mystery Word…!

I stuck the little eggs around the house (it was a bit chilly outside for this game) and they had fun hunting for them and filling in their cards.

Best of all, the eggs make a sweet Easter decoration after the game is finished. We will definitely be doing this again ๐Ÿ™‚

Easter egg decorations made from recycled birthday cards

Easter Egg display – a dual purpose activity!

Happy kids (even without chocolate) and a fun Easter display, what’s not to love?? Happy Easter everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

Easy Heart topped Gift Boxes

Homemade gift box

The top folds are little heart shapes, which together make a flower

How cute are these little gift boxes? I found this post via Pinterest and couldn’t resist giving it a go

Even though the idea of repurposing a cereal box appealed to my recycling nature, I decided to use some coloured card I had to make it a bit more “gifty”.

The template for the boxes is on Stuffyoucanthave (see link above) – just print onto card and off you go! My son was desperate to make one too but he found his scissor skills a bit lacking!

I think it’s so nice to make at least part of a gift homemade, even if it’s just the packaging ๐Ÿ™‚

Easy gift box from a template

Who could resist a peep inside this pretty gift box?

Upcycled mail organiser

Notebook upcycled into mail organiser

Notebook finds a new lease of life as a mail organiser

This notebook was in the office bin! I rescued it and tore out the pages before glueing it to another piece of board for support. Then I used the ribbon bookmark as a hook by stapling it to the back. The bottom pocket was already part of the notebook’s back cover and I made the top pocket by sticking a page to the front cover.

The whole project only took a few minutes and now I have a handy mail organiser to help in the war on worktop clutter!

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